The Renaissance

So as mentioned before Stephanie is writing this story that is set during the Italian Renaissance. I knew we had a book about this somewhere in our library so finally tracked it down this weekend and brought it home for her. It is a Millken Press workbook on the Renaissance that I picked up a few years ago, along with ones on Reformation, Industrial Revolution, Civil War, etc.

Tonight Stephanie read about the Black Death – the Bubonic Plague- out loud  to the family and we all discussed this disease and how it was spread. We also had a good laugh about how some of the dead bodies were used. Catapulted into their enemies forts. Lovely way to spread the germs. Eric got a big kick out of that concept and said “I gotta make a flip note about this!”

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unschoolermom said...

Have you ever seen the giant microbes? They are so much fun! We have been using them for a germ study. One of them is the bubonic plague. Taliesin and Nathanael love them. I think their website is - if I remember correctly.


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