Diving And Driving, She Said

(My DH and I both wrote about the same thing this week for our journal. So thought I’d post both with a “He said/She said” theme)

Well, Stephanie is officially 15 1/2 as of today. Which means she is finally eligible to get her learner's permit. I was teasing her this week that she would have to sit through my class this week in order for me to certify her. Teasing, because there are times when she teaches students who come through our door, tests them, etc. so she already knows all there is to know about the classroom material. She will probably be going in to schedule her written test soon. Her dad wants to take this opportunity to create a video series on how to teach your teen to drive, using Stephanie as a guinea pig. So all of her driving lessons (or most of them anyway) will be video taped. And then used for our website. Should be fun.

The other thing that she has been doing this week is learning how to run a Dive shop. Yes, that is Dive not Drive. In the same commercial complex as our driving school is a dive shop that is for sale. My entrepreneurial husband is very interested in partnering with a friend to purchase this shop. It still remains to be seen whether we can secure the finances to do so....but in the meantime the owner wants to train us to do the business. Since Stephanie is the one with the most time on her hands, she has been going over there for several hours a day learning to fill scuba tanks with air, learning about spear fishing and spear guns, learning about masks, fins, snorkels and other diving gear, and eventually she will also be taking dive classes and learning how to dive. And then learning how to teach someone how to dive. Les will be doing the same. We'd like Adam to learn too, but he is reluctant about the diving part. As am I.

So great unschooling opportunities for Steph right now. She really wanted to go to that Homeschooling conference in Oregon - but realizes that what she is doing right now is similar in that she is learning how to run a business and new skills too. And not as expensive either!

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