Music is a big part of our homeschooling. Our oldest son, Adam, who has already graduated from our homeschool has taught himself to play guitar and piano and has written and composed over 100 songs. Our style of homeschooling has allowed him to pursue this love for music and develop this talent.

We encourage all our children to play instruments. Eric is interested in wind instruments and asked for an Ocarina for his birthday. We bought both Eric and Cassie a simple plastic ocarina for them to play with and I'm amazed at the sounds that they both can make from this instrument. Eric is extremely interested in someday getting a piccolo or clarinet.

Cassie, however, decided she wants to learn to play guitar, so I was looking into buying one of those child's sized guitars. However we do have three guitars - an electric, a steel string acoustic and a nylon string acoustic. I pulled out the nylon string acoustic guitar the other day to see if that would fit her and she has been having a great time "fooling" around with it.Right now she is just exploring the sounds the different strings make, and what happens when you press your fingers down on the strings. It will be a while before she has enough strength to make a clear sound, but for now she is enjoying "playing son's". Last night she told us "I played a son' for Effy, Pilly, Applesauce, Pineapple, Phoenix and Miles and they enjoyed it!" (these are a few of our cats).

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We have decided to start this journal to keep track of our children's life lessons learned in our homeschool journey. We believe that as parents we are accountable for our own children's education. It is up to us to make sure we prepare them to be active and responsible citizens, not a drain on society. So this blog will be a place where we can share our daily lessons and activities that we incorporate into our homeschool.

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