Who Writes What Here?

I’m sure by now, any of our regular readers are often wondering who writes which blog post on this blog. Les and I both contribute when the muse strikes us. Sometimes we’ll make it obvious who is writing by referring to the other half by name (as I have here – so you guessed it, this is Colleen writing). But often I’ll go back and re-read a post and wonder can everybody tell who is writing what if we don’t sign our posts?

I’ll try to make it easy for you so you don’t have to search for the clue words to figure it out. I’m the one who likes the cute titles and short sweet posts. He’s the one who rambles eloquently for two pages.

Easy, as pie, right?

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We have decided to start this journal to keep track of our children's life lessons learned in our homeschool journey. We believe that as parents we are accountable for our own children's education. It is up to us to make sure we prepare them to be active and responsible citizens, not a drain on society. So this blog will be a place where we can share our daily lessons and activities that we incorporate into our homeschool.

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