April 2012

West Side Story, Stephanie is Anybodys, the rebellious girl who wants to be part of the Jets. She did a fantastic job. The choreographer of the show was concerned when he saw she was cast as Anybodys as he saw her as a quiet girl who wasn't that good at dancing (and thankfully, they didn't make her do much!). He knew the character was rather outgoing so wasn't sure that Steph was the best choice. When he finally saw the final performance he told her she "nailed" it. Best compliment she could get!

April was very busy with all the rehearsals and performances that Stephanie had to do. In the meantime, Cassie and Eric worked with Eno, trying to train him to be a good dog. I have a great video of Eno attempting to play with Korn, one of our cats, but I need to figure out how to compress the file to upload it.

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