Sunday, February 28th

Eric spent some time reading a book about birds. The other book we were going to study was too boring, so we played catch instead.


Cassie had a home economics lesson on Saturday night as I made “fish and chips” for dinner – battered cod and homemade French  fries. She learned about stove safety and why the handles of pots need to be turned in towards the stove. We discussed hot oil and why it splatters when you add something that has water on it (the potatoes splattered). She heard our reminiscing of cooking classes with Miss Cho in Junior High and the story about before meeting Les how I already knew all about him because he used to have cooking class before me and was part of a team of mischief makers that would rig our “kitchen” for all kinds of trouble. Little did he know he was rigging his future wife’s kitchen…..She also learned about why French fries are called French fries. Eric provided the book with those details. I love that the kids can find anything in a book from our personal library. And remember where they read it!

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