Diving and Driving, He Said

Steph has a few projects on her plate. Right now she is going to the dive shop next door every day. She is learning how to run the dive shop and the spear-fishing store. Our family is attempting to buy this business so the owner can retire to his home in the States.
Whether the money happens or not, we are learning how to run this particular business. I (Dad) am going there to get training whenever I can, but I am so busy...
So Stephanie goes there every day. If we do buy the shop, she will be the one who knows how to sell the spear guns, how to sell the scuba equipment, how to deal with agents--everything.
She is also reading the PADI book (so am I) so we can both be divers. We really need to both be dive masters, but one step at a time. So we are going to take dive classes and lessons.
She was interested in a leadership conference for homeschool teens, but now she realizes that her dive shop adventure will bring the same results but with profit instead of expense.
In addition, Steph is about to learn to drive. She will be 15-1/2 very soon and her parents are both driving instructors, so this will be an opportunity to create a video series. Steph is interested in voice acting and singing, so this will test her ability to do her thing on camera. We have not cheated; she has never been behind the wheel. The videos will be an authentic record of a dad teaching his daughter to drive.
Anyone can see that these activities and priorities will keep her busy. But she is still writing and drawing every day. She is a busy girl and will be learning some valuable lessons as these weeks go by.

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