March 9th

Well, today was an interesting day. We took one of our many cats, Soysauce, to the vets. She had boils on her belly that had burst – typical Guam cat sores. Eric and Cassie came into the exam room and we looked at pictures of skeletons of a cat, a dog and a bird and compared the three. We also examined a model of a heart with heart worms in it and examined the worm pictures on the wall. Eric left the room when the actual exam and drainage of the cat’s boils occurred, but Cassie was grossly fascinated by it all.

Later Cassie wasn’t feeling that great (night before she was acting ill) and ended up sleeping on the couch at the office for most of the afternoon. This of course resulted in Eric losing his primary playmate and he began declaring he was bored all afternoon. In his boredom he took two walks on the beach and examined various sea creatures he found; he spent about 20 minutes with me working through a 1/2 chapter of as Saxon Math book (54); drew several pictures and looked through a few wildlife magazines; He also watched the office for an hour while I napped. Which basically meant letting me know if someone came in.

I asked Les what the latest car lecture had been about so that I could blog about that, After careful consideration he said they had a laugh fest in the car the last few trips. So I assume they talked about silly things. Very typical.

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