Geography happens every time we walk down the hallway to the bathroom. This map of the world is a political map, showing borders. We discussed the way place names change and so do borders.

I showed them where ice caps are and where the driest deserts are. We talked about deserts that are not just hot and sandy, but are deserts for different reasons, like it's so cold nothing can grow.

A map can be a very interesting thing--hiding secrets and information about people and places. My younger children are starting to be interested in what life is like for people in other places. Now they know our day-to-day reality is not anywhere near what I call the "Global Mean", and they wonder what we should do to make the world more fair. If there is such a thing.

We are soon entering into election season on Guam, so this year we will be paying attention to politics and elections.

Yesterday I had "class" with the younger kids for several hours if we count the 4 separate times we hung out together and I answered their questions. We covered more than a day's worth of interesting Q&A.
Eric and I had lunch at the SDA vegetarian restaurant.
We also bought some vegetarian staples, such as textured vegetable protein stuff, which looks and feels like ground meat for tacos and other recipes that involve ground beef. We also got veggie-based soup bouillon and some macadamia nut butter. We are really opening our minds to new foods. Eric ate an "egg" sandwich with no eggs. He really liked it!
We had a big ol' discussion about food and nutrition and related subjects. We bought a cookbook and looked at which recipes we could make with what we have at home. Our new vegetarian lifestyle is a major learning opportunity.

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