February 2012

Moving is always fun. February passed in a blur as we packed and cleaned and moved our household into the beautiful, two story 5 bedroom house we had found in Barrigada. Now a 10 minute drive to work, life was going to be much easier. And not a moment too soon as Stephanie was in full blown rehearsals for West Side Story with practices almost everyday.

A new house also meant new furniture so a cute little living room set was purchased from Designer's Direct. In hindsight we wish we had researched and tested our new couch set a little more as it turned out to be stuffed with foam chips and now that it's a year old, we have discovered it doesn't hold up well at all. I'm now on the lookout for an upholstery shop that could make new inside cushions for it, as it is a nice little set if it were only more comfortable to sit on!

Cassie adopted the single chair as her computer center, where she could multi-task watching her favorite TV shows while drawing on the computer.
In homeschooling activities, GHSA had their annual Valentine's Day gathering. We met at Yogurtland and enjoyed cool delicious frozen yogurt, exchanged home-made valentines and socialized with each other. Cassie made her own valentines using my Stampin' Up products. 

February was also the beginning of a serious get healthy mom program. I started the Isagenix cleanse program and though I'm jumping ahead of the narrative, managed to lose 25lbs in the first two months! Thanks to my friend from Canada's daughter, Chanci.

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