December 2011/New Year 2012

Christmas 2011 found us living in the Inarjan house. A 45 minute drive from our office. Music production took place in our "library", the addition to the house.

Traditional Short Bread cookies were baked to give away to friends (or to eat ourselves)

My stamping area was organized so that I could be more productive with my chosen hobby and so that Cassie could access art supplies as needed.

And Christmas came and went like it does every year. It was a low key Christmas year. Cassie recieved a box of Trixie Belden books - a re-gifting of her sister's collection. Cassie proceeded to read through this series as fast as she could devour them. As they were my favorite books as a pre-teen, I was thrilled to introduce her to Trixie and her sleuthing skills.

Stephanie, in the meantime was busy in GATE theater rehearsals for West Side Story, where she had landed the role of Anybodys. Adam composed his music. Les wrote lyrics and practiced singing. And Eric worked on his computer skills, designing "skins" for minecraft and gaming levels for his own video games via Game Factory.

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