January 2012

One thing that happens when you leave an artistic 9 year old alone for too many hours unattended is they begin to experiment and do things you'd much rather wish they didn't do. Such as this little art project I discovered on the wall:
You have to give Cassie credit. She DID attempt to wash it off. When asked why she did this, her pat response is "because I could!"

Biggest problem with this little art activity is we decided to move into town. Gas was getting too expensive and the 45 minute drive each way was taking it's toll on our pocket book, as well as my feet! I had developed plantar fasciitis in both feet from the long car drive. and my heels were killing me. I could barely walk after a long day at work. So near the end of January we found a house in Barrigada that could house our family. It had a pool (defunct, but still....one could dream) and a "suite" that was perfect for Adam to have his privacy. Master bedroom is big enough to act as a bedroom/living room. And a huge balcony outside is perfect for our outside garden. 

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