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It's been a long journey. One that started almost 8 years ago when we bought our second oldest son, Adam, his first electric guitar. Little did we know that we were enabling a creative musical genius to be born.

Over the years Adam has unschooled himself in playing guitar, piano, composing music, production and lyrics. He has several albums worth of music ready to be produced and shared with the world. In the process of allowing this to happen there were more people that needed to get involved. Since dad worked with musicians he tried to get various local musicians interested in Adam's music. Unfortunately we weren't able to find people who had the same enthusiasm and commitment to make sure the world heard the music. So that meant we were on our own. Something needed to be done.

Unschooling DAD in music! He had to learn to sing. Adding lyrics to Adam's songs was easy. Les has a gift for writing and putting that gift into writing lyrics was the easy part. Learning to sing the songs was the hard part. But finally the hard work has paid off and we are now ready to share the music with the world.

Adam's "band" is The Desolation Sound - named after a place near our hometown in BC, Canada. A place were Les spent many years working in the logging industry. There are other bands and even a production studio with this name or variations of the name. It is so hard to come up with something original. Like it says in Ecclesiastes, "there is nothing new under the sun".

But Adam's music is new. And different. And worth sharing. So for your musical pleasure here are various places you can find the music:

Like rock music?

Desolation Sound serves various flavors of new original rock music.

Find us on Facebook:

Desolation Sound on Reverbnation:

Desolation Sound on Soundcloud:

Desolation Sound on Youtube:

We are on Myspace:

Buy our available  songs in just about any format, including FLAC and higher-rate mp3's

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