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One of my homeschool resource library patrons returned a book today along with a Language 1 book from Abeka. Now I’ve always liked Abeka workbooks as a great assessment tool for your kids. Every once in a while we’ll pick up one for our kids and have them go through and make sure they have learned what they need for the appropriate grade level.

Cassie technically should be in grade 2, based on my having had her go through a K5 program at ECA when I taught the elementary class 2 years ago. She was 4, turning 5 at the time. in Canada that would be old enough to enter kindergarten, but for Guam she would have had to wait another year because of her November birthday. And because of our schooling methods I don’t really do “grades”.

So anyway, I brought home the book and Cassie proceeded to go through the first 20 lessons in about 1/2 hr of study. She needs help remembering the phonics rules for long vowel sounds but is getting it. Stephanie helped at the end.

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