The bedroom switch

Recently Adam moved out to a small apartment in our dive shop, freeing up a bedroom in our house. Since Eric will soon be 11 and Cassie will be turning 8, we figured it is time they each got their own room. So this weekend I worked on both room and finally have them all switched over. The bunk beds are a pain to move and so Cassie inherits the bunk beds. Eric had no bed, but luckily Dad just happened to bring home the extra couch from the dive shop, so it is temporarily his bed until a new one can be bought.


With this new switcheroo I thought I’d post some pictures of the clean rooms.


Cassie’s bed, with stuffed animals poised on a chair next to it.

IMG_0282 IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0285

I love big closets, it gives more room to store their things in!

IMG_0287 IMG_0289

Eric’s room. He wants posters to cover the pink walls! All the walls are pink in this house!


The bookshelf is still full of Adams’ books. Eventually they will go wherever Adam chooses to go. Or Eric will inherit what Adam doesn’t want.

So far we are on day 2 of the switcheroo and Eric has rediscovered his love for lego, now that he has room to play it. The sound of rattling lego pieces in a bucket is a cheerful, productive sound. Though it can drive you crazy at times!

Cassie is enjoying her room too and our next step is to help her turn it into a girl’s room.

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