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As you know, my children are very interested in trials and court room proceedings, thanks to Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney games. So when I heard that this week was Law week on Guam and that there would be a series of Mock Trials happening at the court house, I told the kids. All  three or my unschoolers were excited about the opportunity to witness a “real” trial in progress.

The Mock trials are put on by various public and private elementary and middle schools on Guam. And who is on trial? Fairy Tale characters.  Stephanie really wanted to come but tonight was youth group, which she also really looks forward to.

So I took Cassie and Eric to the court house and we went through the metal detector. A poster showed us the various trials taking place and which court room to head to. I gave the kids the choice of cases and they picked The Three Bears vs. Gold E. Locks  - The bear family was suing Golidlocks for having bad manners. Eric felt a better suit would have been for property damage.  I mean, really, how do you sue someone for having bad manners?

This particular trial was put on by 2nd graders from St. Anthony’s Catholic School. The kids did a great job in their trial. Cassie loved watching it, and I'm sure in her mind she was thinking about how well she could have done in the job. She was quick to point out discrepancies in the testimony and Eric and her were both disappointed that the attorneys did not do any cross examinations. Both felt Goldilocks should have been found guilty of the crime of bad manners, but more importantly property damage.

Tomorrow we plan to return and see if we can catch a murder trial. Perhaps the people vs. Dorothy Gale for 2nd degree murder of the wicked witch of the west. Steph will be able to join us.

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Mock trial pics from The People vs. Dorothy Gale 

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