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I was blessed today with a brand new stove. What a sweetie my hubby is. Actually, he’s also very practical as our current stove is a fire hazard waiting to happen. We’ve already had two electric fires on the stove and burned out two burners. I often get zapped while cooking on the front top burner if I’m using a metal fork on a metal pot. I learned quickly to use wooden spoons or silicone rubber ones.

So today i’m the proud owner of a new smooth top electric range. I remember my mom had one of the first ever of these types of stoves, back in the ‘70s. We were so retro I thought.

These stoves have come along way since the 70s. Ours is a cool speckled grey black cook top.

When Dad brought it home, we had to hook up the power cord so that we could plug it in. It didn’t come pre-installed. Stephanie, who recently has learned several new mechanical skills, promptly took charge and figured out how to hook the wires up. I was so proud of her. And thankful since I really didn’t want to be the one on the floor trying to put it together. I’m just getting too old for that.

But Steph came through for us and did so in a cheerful manner. My vegetarian chili was finished on our new stove (I had to start cooking it on the old one, then had it on pause while we made the transfer).

So now I can cook. Thanks Steph! She’s well onto earning herself some credits in Industrial Education. (Shop class) – back in Canada when i was in high school the girls took Home Ec and the boys took Industrial Ed. No gender stereotyping in our family!

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