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Life has been full. It is hard to keep on top of documenting what we do each day. I try to at least photograph some of the more memorable events. So thought I’d share some pictures.

Cassie is learning to communicate via writing to us. She has always had her “moods” and sometimes just doesn’t want to talk. I remember as a toddler I’d be trying to figure out what she wanted for lunch by her body language when I suggested something to her. Now, if she is hungry she will take out an item (like a can of soup) and write on a piece of paper. “Can I HAV –>” with arrow pointing at the can. Here is a picture she drew with note, to let us know she wanted the lollipop Les had bought her as a treat.


I love this stage in the reading/writing development of children. Cassie may be entering it a little later than my other children, but I can see the same stages being negotiated and, from past experience, know that the writing stage she is portraying will quickly bring her into the world of reading and writing. 

Cassie may be behind in her reading and writing, but her drawing is far beyond her age level.

sonicThis is a drawing that Cassie started this evening around 6pm when we got home from town. She admits that it is a “doodle” page. She worked on this on and off until around 9pm, taking breaks to watch me cook dinner and learn how to make home made macaroni and cheese (complete with butter roux to start); eat dinner; and do some painting on Melon Marker Studios.

mms This is the beginning stages of Melon Marker Studios (hereafter known as MMS). The walls and doors are finished now and inside is painted red and outside is painted green stripes. I will post more pictures tomorrow when I can take some in the daylight. Les has made this with a small chainsaw, drill set, and staple gun. And lots of input and help from the kids.

And finally our garden is starting to pay off. Here are the beginnings of my cucumber patch

. cucplants

And here are the first fruits of the patch!


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