A Typical Day for Eric

Eric has been playing Phoenix Wright, a game about an attorney. He learns a lot about law and our American judicial system. He asked me if all judges are old and if so, why. We discussed the adversarial nature of our judicial system and talked about requirements for becoming a judge.

He also instigated a conversation about photosynthesis and learned that life on Earth is based on the ability of plants to make food from sunlight. This was over 1 hour of learning for Eric and Cassie. They both asked questions and learned about undersea creatures that live where no sunlight ever reaches. This was reinforced by looking at a picture book and then I told them about these worms that live off the heat and minerals that come from volcanic vents miles below the surface.

This has been an ongoing lesson about plants and their ability to sustain life on earth. Food as fuel for animals and people come from the ability of plants to create substance out of sunlight and minerals from the soil. Dead, non-living things become food for living things and from there, living things feed on each other. This is the food chain, which I learned in school, but I just memorized it and did not realize it was based on the miracle of photosynthesis.

We have been looking at factory farming methods and are studying food labels and nutritional information. Collectively, we have decided to refuse to support factory farms as much as possible. So another ongoing project is to identify and counter ways large corporations get us to pay them money to poison us with food. We have discussions each day about different aspects of this broad subject.

Along with the RP game about lawyers and law, all three kids are learning about the judicial branch of government and how it interacts with other government branches and contrast with foreign judicial systems.

Eric and his dad talk in the car. Eric plays his favorite music and we discuss music, styles, and what makes people enjoy or not enjoy different kinds of music. Colleen and I really like to hear our kids' music; it creates a bond, a bridge between generations. We are connecting on a very deep level when we enjoy the music our kids enjoy.

Eric likes to play Scribblenauts, a very creative game on his DSi. The music is cute and peppy without being too irritating for me to handle. The little kids really love it that I let them listen to their music in my truck and I am willing to discuss, analyze and enjoy it with them.


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