On Friday we went with my good friend Bernie and another homeschooling family for a hike to Talafofo Caves. These caves are located on the highway up from route 4, heading into the village of Talafofo. We parked our cars in the grassy parking area, donned our backpacks with water bottles and snacks, grabbed our walking sticks and started hiking. I was a bit nervous because of my knees. Would I be able to climb the rocks? Would I be able to go down steep hills? It turned out to be not that difficult of a hike. My knees survived. it was hot though and next time I attempt this I would wear a hat, bring more water and take more rests!

Cassie is a little trooper and had a great time climbing through the caves, going into dark scary holes and out the other side. Eric did well too, but opted not to hike through the 3rd cave (I too had to opt out as the way down looked too steep for me). This apparently was the best cave of all. Perhaps next time we do this hike I’ll brave it! There were three caves we visited and one look out point where we saw a WWII marker, indicating that this was a spot that either the Japanese or the Americans used as a look out point.

One of the things I really appreciated about this hike was seeing the wide variety of jungle vegetation. We saw many wild mandarin orange trees, several wild papaya and avocado trees and another native fruit tree that bore a nut like fruit that resembled a mango.

Here is a photo album of our adventure hike!

Iphone 026 Iphone 037 

Eric about to enter the Cave….

Iphone 042 Iphone 053

Iphone 064 Iphone 070

The view from the top of the cliff. Ms. Bernie, Cassie and friend Adrian.

Iphone 067 Iphone 074

Cool rock formations and freaky vines.

Iphone 096 Iphone 073

Cassie climbs through the cave!~

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jaci said...

I can spelunk so long as I can see the entrance to the cave. But I discovered that I am claustrophobic in the long, dark caves and leave those to my family to explore. I'll sit outside and look in... ;)

Colleen said...

Me too Jaci!

Erika Mills said...

Fantastic caves - looks like you had a blast - thanks for sharing!

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