Jack and the “Pea” Stalk

As part of our get healthy kick we’ve been planting vegetables. It makes sense to try to grow our own, rather than pay for sub standard vegetables that go bad two days after you get them home.
So we have planted tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe, eggplant, dillweed, swiss chard, peppers (red mildly hot ones), and two pea plants. The pea plants were started in pots in my office. And actually are still there. The cantaloupe we planted around the same time was moved home and is quietly taking over its corner of the garden. But my two lone pea plants were growing very slowly. Apparently beans grow well on Guam but peas need cooler temperatures. We tried putting them outside but they wilted fast and almost died. So I’ve been coaxing them along in the front window of my classroom.
Last week both plants grew a yellow flower. I was very excited, because flowers mean fruit (or in this case, vegetable). And today, there was a pea pod! I snapped a few pictures with my iphone and this is what came out.
photo (1)
Looks to me like the top of the bean stalk with the giant’s castle up on the hill in the background. I can just imagine Jack poking his head out of the ground as he climbs that “pea” stalk!
Cassie and Eric have been actively involved in our gardening adventures. They helped me pick out seeds at K-mart. They’ve gone with dad to the Dept. of Agriculture to buy tomato and pepper plants. They’ve accompanied us to Home Depot for soil and other gardening supplies. They’ve helped dig and plant and water the plants. When it comes harvest time, they are eager to reap the harvest. So far we’ve been able to eat cherry tomatoes and eggplant. But it looks like peas are on their way!

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jaci said...

THAT is funny! Great photo. :)

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